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Upside to lockdown...a love of painting revived!

Despite having an art background, it was only during lockdown that I once again found time to properly put paintbrush to canvas. Here is a wee snapshot of what I have been working on recently...

Some striking-looking neighbouring chickens inspired a pint-sized portrait, and was gifted to their owner as a thank you for boxes of eggs. I also took the opportunity to paint my two sons, with a stylised image of my youngest, and one of his older brother currently in progress.

My four year old son made friends with a horse (Oscar) who lived in the field next to our house, and who came galloping over to see him whenever we went round to visit him at his gate. Since I hadn't painted horses in years, I thought I would trial a portrait of him for fun and found it hugely enjoyable. Tragically, Oscar passed away not long after I had finished the painting, and so although I hadn't ever planned to do anything with the painting, I decided to give it to Oscar's owner as a keepsake.

I shall be revealing more paintings soon so watch this space!

Commissions of pet portraits (furred or feathered) are welcome. If you are interested, contact me for rates and further details.

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